Looking for businesses that can repair, paint, or rent your house? Below are names of businesses that provide various services throughout Corolla. Homeowners looking for companies to provide various services may find this site valuable. Guests will find names of businesses providing accomodations for your visit to Corolla. Click on some of the links below for more information. Be sure to visit the SPECIAL WEEKLY OFFERS under Activities on the home page.

   Cove Realty


  ;Distinctive Landscaping
and Remodeling

    Pools & Spa's

Remodeling/Water Damage

 Distinctive Landscaping
and Remodeling

  Specialty Electrical Contractors
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Remodeling/Water Damage

   Bluewater Restoration   

  Real Estate Services
   Beach Realty
  Shore Realty


  Exterior Repairs: See Construction
Interior Repairs; See Construction
Carpet Cleaning: See Construction
Painting; See Construction



  Property Mgmt. Services
  Cove Realty


    Recreation and Sports

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 . .

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